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DateOct 21, 2023

If you have been shopping around for web hosting, chances are you have come across other web hosting providers that offer “WordPress hosting” for more money. You might be asking yourself “is this special WordPress hosting worth the extra money?” We at BoxFly believe “no,” customers should not be guilted into special WordPress web hosting if they plan on using WordPress to manage their website.

For us, our regular web hosting is WordPress hosting. While you can host anything you wish even software that isn’t WordPress – we have decades of experience helping clients with WordPress and we do not force you to purchase a special, more expensive plans to gain access to our expertise. We will assist you with installing, updating, optimizing, maintaining, repairing, migrating, staging, and more for no additional charge. When you are one of our clients, we help you with basic WordPress needs free of charge! Just open a support ticket and one of our hosting specialists will be there to assist you.

What should you look for?

When you signup for regular web hosting and plan to install WordPress to manage your website, there are a few things you want to look for:

  1. Does the web hosting provider tell you what resources your website will receive after signing up? Meaning, how much CPU, memory, I/O speed, etc. your account will receive. If you don’t see this readily available on their website, ask. Here at BoxFly, we offer web hosting packages that offer up to 4x CPU, 4GB of memory, and 50MB I/O speed! This package is plenty fast for 99% of WordPress websites!
  2. Are the servers overloaded? Many web hosting companies try to oversell and cram as many customers onto a server. When this happens, the overall performance of your website is affected. Your website can even go offline! You can ask the web host, but chances are they are going to promise you their servers are not overloaded. The only way to find out is to signup and test their servers for yourself. You can use page speed tests to benchmark the performance of your website such as, Google or GTmetrix. Keep in mind though, your hosting provider is not the only contributing factor to having a fast website. Your overall website needs to be written for optimal performance. We’ll get to more of that later in a follow up post. Be leery of web hosting companies that do not offering some sort of money back guarantee. Here at BoxFly, we stand by our 30-day money back guarantee!
  3. What OS (operating system) is the web hosting provider using? Here at BoxFly, we are big supporters of CloudLinux! CloudLinux does have a monthly fee associated with it per server. Therefore, a lot of web hosting companies opt for Alma Linux or various other free versions of a Linux OS. Why is CloudLinux so amazing? It allows web hosts to dedicated system resources to each client. Example, we can offer your account 1x CPU, 1GB of memory, and and I/O speed of 10 MB/sec. Let’s say a misbehaving client on the server is hammering the server because all of a sudden their website got an influx of visitors. Their website would not degrade the performance for everyone else on the same server. Instead, only their account would be affected. In that case, the client could then upgrade to a more suitable hosting plan that fits their website’s needs! If a web host opts for a free Linux OS, that means every account created on that server is sharing the exact same resources. 1 website could take down the whole server if the web hosting is not paying attention!


WordPress web hosting is not worth the upsell charge. A typical shared hosting account should be plenty sufficient enough even for even the most busy WordPress websites. The key is to find a web hosting company that offers each client optimal resources for their account, doesn’t overload their servers, and ensures other clients on the same server do not abuse the server’s overall performance. Make sure the web hosting company you pick offers a money back guarantee incase you are not completely satisfied with their performance.

If you’re interested in premium web hosting, check out what plans we have available today for our customers!

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